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In this 2-Day seminar, you will learn:

1) Headshots - What makes a good headshot? We'll cover everything from clothing, hair & make up to image marketing.

2) Resumes - What makes a good resume? We'll talk about the categories to include, requirements, and the standard resume format. 

3) Training - What every actor should have: Scene Study, Improv, Commercial, Audition Technique, Sitcom, Soap, On Camera. Learn about each of these and their importance.

4) Agents - What does an agent look for? How to get an agent? What happens in an agency meeting? We'll answer all these questions.

5.) Managers - What does a manager look for? How to get a manager? What's a manager's job and why do you need one? Learn all this and more. 

6) Marketing - Marketing for actors is very important. Come and learn why, and how to do this the right way.

7) Casting Directors/Showcases - What are these and how do they benefit you? What you should look for? How much do they cost? We'll talk about all of this. 

8) Preparing for an Audition - Learn about how to prepare for an audition, the basic principles of auditioning, how casting works, the casting rules, callbacks, the Self Tape, producers, networks, and contracts.

You will also learn and practice Cold Reading and Audition Technique so that you can audition effectively for Casting Directors, Agents, and Managers, and, learn how to book the job like the pros! 

This is the most important class you can take as a professional actor in Film and Television. It all comes down to this moment with the casting director. You will have a lot of fun and learn more than you ever imagined in just 2 days!!

We will use real sides from major TV Shows and Studio Films. 

You will be performing one of the following:

 2.)One Hour Episodics
 3.)Film Comedy/Drama
 5.)Sketch (SNL/MAD TV)

Price: $199.00 per person
Date: August 26 & 27. 

This will take place on a Saturday and Sunday, all day, with a One Hour lunch break in between.

There will also be a Q & A session every day with Hollywood Casting Director/Acting Coach & Producer Paul Garnica.


**Professional Headshots and Resumes will be accepted