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FOR THE SERIOUS, PROFESSIONAL ACTOR: Private coaching is ongoing but requires a minimum of 4 weeks. If you have never experienced the gratification of private coaching, you should! Instead of being in a class situation, the entire focus here is on you, always! You will see with private coaching that you will improve dramatically, and quickly! The reason for this is, again, because the entire focus is on you! It is like going to a gym. If you go to a gym for lets say 2 hours once a week and exercise, you will see results and you will be in better shape, if you exercise the entire time, but...if you go and exercise for 15 mins and stand around for the other hour and 45 mins and watch people do it, then you will obviously progress slowly. The entire one hour session is all about your needs and your acting abilities will increase dramatically! You will make progress quickly and you will find that you are getting more call backs when you do audition. The focus here is on cold reading and audition technique, as that is what is most important when trying to book a job. You can be great in class, but if you can't get past the cold reading, and audition with a casting director, then you will not get a callback, and most certainly not book the job and be able to apply what you have learned in's simple! 

Every week you will cover cold reading and audition technique for one of the following: One Hour Episodics, Sitcoms, Soaps, Film-Comedy, Film- Drama, and Sketch T.V., audition pieces, using sides from real Network Shows, Pilots, and Studio Films. You will learn what works in the audition room and what doesn't, so you can make effective use of your time and come off polished, not like an amateur. You will also learn how to make strong choices so that you can stand out amongst all the others auditioning so you can be the one to get the callback, and! We will also work on monologues or any other audition material you may want to cover. Business is also covered weekly.

Private Coaching is a minimum of 4 weeks commitment, but is suggested as ongoing so you can benefit from it more effectively. 3 - 6 months is suggested, but most Actors who study privately enjoy the process so much that they often go a year or more, again, the choice is yours. This class follows the same principles as The Actors 30 Min Workout but is much more in depth and intensified training. Highly recommended for the serious actor!

No refunds and no make up classes are allowed.

Private Coaching is Once a week, for 1 hour, 4 Weeks.
Checks, Cash & all major credit cards accepted.

Private Coaching per Audition Piece: Coaching for your Audition is available. Please call to make an appointment. 

The Cost is $45.00 per half hour. Cash only. 

Any time after 30 mins is still billed as a half hour increment.  (ie: 40 mins would be 90.00 so you might want to work for an hour instead.)

**You must bring sides for you and the CD.

Private Coaching On-going as a Class
Private Coaching for Your Audition