The Casting/Coach
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Homestead is an incredible site that allows you to build your own website with their easy to use tools and website wizard that makes building your own website a breeze! We used them for our website! If you haven't created your own website to promote yourself as an actor then you've gotta do it with Homestead! Every Actor, Comedian, Performer, should have a website for promotion! People can find you, watch your actor reels, see all your different headshots, view your resume, get your representation contact information and keep up to date with the latest news in your career accomplishments. Using Homestead is easy...believe me! You will be amazed at how easy it actually is. Give it a try for free! Just click on the Homestead banner above!   
Actors Tax Prep is a lifesaver!!! They have worked wonders for us and and got us an awesome return!! Why? Because, they specialize in Actors and all industry workers! There is no one better to go to when filing your taxes. They know all the ins and outs and what you can claim as an entertainer, where many other tax preparers who do not specialize in Entertainment workers can go wrong and cost you. They can save you a lot if you do not know what's allowable. Any time is a good time to file! If you haven't filed certain years, it's never too late or to maybe ammend a year. Click on the logo at the left or on the link. Talk to David Rogers, the President. Tell him Paul Garnica sent you and he'll take good care of you!