The Casting/Coach

Get the bookings you deserve! How??? By staying in shape!!

Work out your acting muscles every week! Get in Shape! Get results! Get that job!

-When you are in a scene study class you are in there for anywhere between 3-4 hours.
-You work about an average of 5-15 minutes in each class, and, that's sharing that time with your scene partner!!
-You sit around and watch, and wait, an average of 2-3 hours and 50 minutes each class!
-When you go to a gym to exercise your muscles do you exercise for 5-15 minutes and then stand around and watch everyone else exercise for 2-3 hours and 50 minutes? NO!
-Exercise your acting muscles like you exercise your body! Get results by staying active in auditioning! That's the key if you want to book! 
-Most actors don't really hit their booking stride and learn from their mistakes until after they've auditioned professionally at least a minimum of a hundred times!

The Actors 30 Minute Workout is amazing!!! 
Here's how it works! You come in once a week for a cold reading and audition technique class for 30 minutes and...the class is totally private! How great is that? It's all about you with a Professional Casting Director the whole time! You will get the results you need by having a private trainer give you special attention and, by doing audition reps, just like you would in a gym. By doing this practice once a week, every week, for 30 minutes, you will see the results you desire by staying active!

You will practice auditioning for everything out there! Sitcoms, One Hour Episodics, Dramatic Feature Films, Comedic Feature Films, even Soaps! It's all covered! Then get immediate feedback on your audition by a professional casting director and acting coach. You don't get that at an audition! Rarely from your agent! And most definitely not in detail! You will know right away what you are doing wrong on each piece every time you come in so you can isolate those problems and fix them quickly! And...we use real sides from all of todays shows and films so you will know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for each genre! You will be in top acting shape by auditioning for everything, just like a professional actor! Get in, do the work, and get on with your day! Get on with your work and other things you need to take care of in your daily life. It's easy, fast, effective, and affordable! It's "The Actors 30 Minute Workout!"

There is no better way to prepare yourself for a professional acting career.

This is Private One on One Coaching with a Professional Acting Coach/Casting Director.  (Note: This is Not for beginners. If we feel you are not ready for this class, you may be required to take a month of an hour of private coaching on Audition Technique and Cold Read to get you up to speed as this is not a class that has a lot of time for those who are really green. After, you may be able to take this class.) 

This is 4 weeks in length, and meets once a week for 30 Minutes of Private Audition Technique/Cold Read Intensive workouts.  (This class is ongoing)
Price: $200.00 You may choose to take this class once or twice a week depending on how quickly you want to improve. $50.00 off Pilot Season Special, for new clients only. Price not available for internet VideoCoaching. Limited time only.

Email or Call us to reserve your spot now! 323.798.4689 (leave a very clear message and #)

Privates slots are scheduled from Mon-Thurs 5:30pm - 10:30pm 
(Call us for availability)

Cash only. Checks accepted after first 4 weeks. 
(small processing fee applies to credit card purchases)
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All Classes are taught by our Casting Director/Acting Coach, using his methods.  No refunds and no make up classes are allowed.
The Actors 30 Minute Workout!!!  (Registered U.S. title)

"This is fantastic and a great price that won't hurt my pocketbook.  I would love to sign up, any excuse to work with you, you brought out the best in me!" Sara Maraffino - Actress