The Casting/Coach
We have over two and a half decades of casting experience. We cast everything from principles to background. We cast for Film, Television, Web Series, Commercials, Music Video, Reality TV, and Print work.

Our most recent success includes producing the critically acclaimed film, 'Archaeology of a Woman' and the film 'Paint It Red.' Casting for the Emmy Award winning, Outstanding New Series, 'Ten Days That Unexpectedly Changed America: Massacre at Mystic,' for Academy Award, Emmy Award winning Director/Producer, James Moll. As well as a few pilot projects for Academy winners Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, in association with James Moll, and many more.

We just finished casting the TV Pilot 'Paul Cruz: Latin Actor (A Mockuseries)' starring Paul Cruz ("The Soloist") Academy Award winning Director James Moll, Academy Award Nominee Sally Kirkland, Max Alexander ("Forgetting Sarah Marshall," ''Man on the Moon,'' ''My Wife & Kids"), Steven Schub (Fox's "24", "Whoopi," "Thirdwatch",)  and Suzanne Ford ("The Informers," ''Bones,'' "You Me & Dupree.") Jason Stuart (''My Wife & Kids,'' "Everybody Hates Chris," "George Lopez,"), Bon Ogle, Diane Davisson, Carla Tassara, Jamie Lane and Simone Gad (''Speed''), and are currently prepping casting for several feature film projects, among them, 2 Reality Shows, as well as producing a few TV and Film projects.

Please contact the office for details and questions regarding all your casting needs.

P. 424.542.1029

Click here for partial listing of imdb credits  current credits listed above, may not yet be updated.

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