The Casting/Coach

Career Consulting is for those seeking information on how to start a career in Acting, or Modeling, or build upon one already established.

Many Actors or Models are not aware of the extreme importance of what is covered in this one hour session. You must be prepared for the business, after all, it is a business, that's why it is called Show Business. If you do not know how to run your business, and you do not know how to start your business, than you are in serious trouble!

If you want to know how to compete in this business and succeed, than you must get off to a good start and understand how to prepare yourself for a business in Acting or Modeling. They do not teach this in any class, anywhere, but they should!

Don't be without knowledge! Don't be left behind with the others! You do not want to be one of those actors/models who find themselves unrepresented, waiting tables, and without credits, 6 years later.

This Session includes Advising on: 

1.) Packaging  
2.) Headshots/Portfolios/Zed Cards
3.) Resumes 
4.) Cover Letters
5.) Agency Representation
6.) Manager Representation
7.) How to attain representation
8.) How to build your resume
9.) Promotion
10.) Game Plan
11.) Career Strategy
12.) Acting Level or Modeling Evaluation

and more....

This is a must for the serious Actor or Model who is just beginning or is stalled in their career and wishes to advance it by attaining better representation, management, business awareness, understanding the politics of casting, understanding how casting works, and how you fit into the casting process, and much, much, more!

Special Price: $100.00 for a limited time only! Regularly $200.00
Private consultation given by the owner, Paul Garnica. Casting Director, Former Head of New Faces for Wilhelmina Models, Former Talent Agent and Talent Manager, Producer.
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If you are out of the Hollywood area...get a consultation by phone!!! Contact us for details!