All of our Sessions, Career Advisement and Private Coaching, is instructed by Paul Garnica. Paul is an accomplished Casting Director and Acting Coach, with over two and a half decades of experience in the business, and is highly recommended by an Academy Award/Emmy Award Winning Director and Producer, as well as many other prominent industry figures and Actors. His casting has led to an Emmy Award win for an Outstanding New Network Series for the History Channel. He has been a successful Casting Director, Talent Agent, Talent Manager, Actor, Producer, Writer, Director, Modeling Scout and even former Head of New Faces for a major Modeling Agency. 

There is absolutely no one with a more well rounded background out there teaching, advising, and packaging actors today! Why study with someone who only has a background in theater and acting? You want to study with someone who has a diverse background, who can give you insight as to what Casting Directors, Agents, and Managers, are really looking for! After all - you want to work don't you? You must understand the business on as many levels as possible in order to help make it work for you! Invest in your career wisely! Study with someone who can give you insight into the business from more than just one perspective. You will get more out of every service offered with us than anywhere else in town!

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